How To Connect Your LYNX Touch to WiFi

LYNX Touch provides state-of-the-art security and home automation benefits. You can connect your LYNX Touch devices to WiFi to get the most out of your system! Here is how to do it.

First, make sure you know the name of your wireless network as well as your router’s password.

From the home screen of your LYNX Touch device select the ‘More’ icon, and then select the ‘Tools’ icon. Enter the master user code provided by your dealer. 

Now, select the ‘WiFi Config’ icon. Select ‘Scan Access Points.’ Select ‘Scan.’ Here you will see a list of all available WiFi networks. Once you find your network, select it from the menu, and then select the ‘Edit’ button.

Click the ‘Key’ button.

Enter the WiFi password and select ‘Done.’ 

Select ‘Join.’ A confirmation screen will appear. Select ‘OK.’ 

Select the ‘Save’ icon to save the settings. You just need to select the ‘Back’ button until you reach the homescreen! Now your LYNX Touch is connected. 

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