How to Generate DMP Business Security System Reports with Virtual Keypad

The reports page allows you to generate reports about what’s been happening on your system. You can choose from a list of predefined quick reports or you can choose a custom report. To get started log in to your account!

Once you have connected to your system on Virtual Keypad, click on the ‘Reports’ button in the menu. At the top, you’ll see a selection of quick reports that you can view simply by clicking ‘Run.’ But let’s scroll down and create a custom report. 

With the calendar on the left, you can select a date range and a time. Then choose the systems and the events that you want to run a report for. Let’s do arming and disarming for our Business Center system. After you select your system and event, click ‘Run.’ 

Virtual Keypad will begin compiling your report. Once the report has been generated, you can use some keywords to filter your reports by using the search bar. For example, we can see how many times Julie has disarmed the system by typing ‘julie’ and ‘disarm’ in the search bar. Now you just have those results! 

Finally, if you need to, you can export the whole report with the buttons to the top right of the screen. 

And that’s how you generate a report on!

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