How to Add Users to Your DMP Business Alarm System with Virtual Keypad

The ‘Users’ page allows you to manage all of the users on your system. Connect to your system on to get started!

From the ‘System Overview’ page, click on ‘Users’ from the menu on the left. 

Users on your system may have more than one way to interact with your system. They might have a user code they type in at the keypad and a proximity card, or token, they use at an access control reader. Previously, if you wanted to have a user with a code and proximity token, you would need to create two different users on the system—but now, you can have one user that has both the user code and proximity token! 

Let’s say you hired a new employee and you want to give them access via a code and token. From the ‘Users’ page, click the plus button at the top. A form will pop up. Type in the employee’s name. Then, use the ‘Profiles’ button to designate the user as an employee. Down below, you can auto generate a user code for the new user. If you do auto generate, the only thing left to do is add a unique code.

To add a proximity token, click the plus button at the top of the section. In the first dropdown menu, select ‘Credential.’ Enter the internal number of the card. If you want to give the new employee a Virtual Keypad login, you can do so in this section. 

By default, the same profile will apply to the user code and token below. If you want the codes to have different profiles, uncheck the box at the very top. You will then be able to manage the user code and token individually. Once you are done, click ‘Save’ at the top right. 

You can do the same for users already added to your system! 

Go back to the main ‘Users’ menu. You may notice that there are two identical users with different settings. Simply click one of the duplicate users and drag it atop the other. The user profile will combine. You can edit their codes and token just as you did before. Click ‘Save’ when done. 

And that’s how to manage users on!

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