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5 Essential Tips for Upgrading Your Business’s Security System

Is it time to update your business’s security system, but you’re unsure where to start? We don’t blame you. With rapidly evolving security technology, a rise in theft and vandalism, and an unpredictable economy, choosing the right business security systems can feel overwhelming. 

Whether you’re protecting a multi-site corporation, a car lot, a warehouse, a school, or a retail storefront, a modern business security system must include more than just a simple keypad and sensors. 

Here are five tips to consider when upgrading your business security systems.

Consider Professional Monitoring for Your Business Security Systems

If you currently have a DIY system, adding professional monitoring can provide a layer of protection and service that is always active. This allows you and your team to focus on core activities, assured that security experts are watching over 24/7.

When these professionals also have access to business security cameras, they can help to:

Verify Threats: 

When a sensor or alarm is triggered, a professional can quickly assess the situation to determine if additional support is necessary.

Decrease False Alarms: 

Monitoring agents can significantly reduce false alarms by distinguishing accidental triggers from real threats, preventing unnecessary disruptions.

Dispatch Law Enforcement Support: 

In genuine security events, a monitor can swiftly send local law enforcement to your location.

A security professional live monitoring a security station

Adding Video Surveillance Systems to Your Security Setup Is Key 

Adding cameras to your existing or upgraded burglar alarm can significantly enhance your security capabilities. Not only do cameras act as a visual deterrent, but they also allow monitoring agents to visually confirm threats, a requirement for police response in many areas.

Modern security cameras feature:

AI-enhanced Analytics: 

AI security tools help differentiate between genuine threats and non-threats, identifying potential trespassers early.

Virtual/Invisible Fences: 

These can be programmed to protect large, vulnerable outdoor areas, alerting you when someone crosses the defined perimeter.

Automated Loudspeakers and Cloud-based Storage:

 Loudspeakers can deter criminals with warnings, while cloud storage allows you to maintain as much footage as needed for compliance and insurance claims.

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Ensuring Remote Access Through a User-Friendly App Makes Things Easier 

Managing your business security system should be straightforward and possible from anywhere

Maintaining a Single Point of Contact for All Your Security Services Streamlines Services

Working with a single vendor for burglar, fire, access control, and surveillance services can simplify operations. 

Collaborating on a Custom Security Solution Improves Outcomes

Every business has unique security needs. Discussing customization with your security system business partner ensures your setup is perfectly tailored to your requirements. 

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