How to Set Up Holiday Schedules on

Holiday dates allow you to adjust your system schedules on special occasions throughout the year. 

Once you login and connect to your system, you will see the ‘System Overview’ page. Click on ‘Schedules’ in the menu on the left. From the ‘Schedules’ page, click on ‘Holiday Dates’ at the top right. 

Let’s say that your business is going to be closed on July 4th. You can add a holiday date for this day. In the ‘Name’ box, type Independence Day, or the name of the holiday you are adding. Select the date from the date picker. Then click the green check mark to the right of the date picker.

Click on ‘Employees’ on the left side of the screen to open the employee schedule menu. If your business will be closed all day, just leave the begin and end time blank. But if you’d like to be open for a half day, enter a begin and end time. Then click ‘Save.’

That’s it! It’s that easy to manage holiday dates on!

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