Maximizing Your Security Budget: Tips and Tricks

Protect your business without breaking the bank

Protecting staff, inventory, and physical property is a priority for every business—but not every budget is created equal. Organizations, particularly small businesses, can face tough choices when trying to balance security needs with financial realities.

To get the most out of your security budget requires thinking beyond just alarms and cameras; it means incorporating resources already in place and finding solutions that are affordable, sensible, and effective. 

With that in mind, here are some tips and tricks for maximizing your security budget. 

Make simple but impactful changes

It’s easy to assume that the best way to eliminate theft and vandalism is to install cameras, hire security guards, and have on-call experts ready to act. And in some cases, those may indeed be the best options.  

But here are some simple tips to try that don’t add too much to your security spend:

  • Add lighting: Entrances, exits, and parking areas that are not lit well can not only feel unsafe, they can become target areas for burglars looking for a weak spot. Adding bright, well-placed lighting can improve visibility and add a sense of security both inside and outside the building. 
  • Avoid a messy outdoor area: A sure sign that a business―especially a retail store―has new valuables in stock is a large pile of empty boxes outside the store. A mess outside the store can signal to potential vandals that valuable merchandise is inside, and it may not be properly stored and accounted for yet. A clean, organized physical space sends a clear message: our merchandise is secure.
  • Be strategic about your layout: Expensive items and equipment, whether they’re retail inventory or office technology, shouldn’t be placed next to exits, making a grab-and-go scenario more feasible. Use your space to your advantage by putting thought into the layout. 

Lean into your options and your resources

Once the simple and obvious safety steps have been addressed, you can take stock of the resources you already have at your disposal and be creative and strategic about utilizing them.

Here are some tips for getting more from assets you may already have in place. 

  • Use the skills of your staff: Building out a dynamic and informative security training module doesn’t have to be left solely to an outside vendor. In-house talent can create engaging training that explains and reviews security basics for the rest of the team. Empowering talented staff can ensure that security steps are being followed properly and save you money. 
  • Pool resources for added security: Businesses share storefronts, outdoor perimeters, and physical space with each other all the time, so why not share security? When multiple businesses share space and security goals, pooling resources to add protection can make sense both security-wise and financially. 
  • Centralize storage: Too many people with too many keys for too many doors can create confusion and vulnerability. Have a dedicated space and process for keys and key cards, which can help cut down the amount of risk connected with haphazard key usage. 

Match your needs with experts and tech that make sense 

If you decide to hire a security partner, your job isn’t done! To maximize your security budget, you should incorporate support and security technologies that strengthen your overall security plan without slowing down your staff or hurting your bottom-line.

Here are some ways to find that balance:

  • Look into access control: A modern security system featuring access control can fortify an organization’s security without being bulky or burdensome. Access control lets you customize who, when, and how access is granted, and can be managed remotely with a user-friendly interface. Be more streamlined and efficient while covering your safety needs.
  • Get support with security agent services: Some organizations may have staff or physical space needs that make it unrealistic to manage a security operation internally. For those businesses, investing in a security partner that provides in-person and online support—as well as security technology tools—can be worthwhile. Security guards, patrol, or agents that respond when your alarm goes off can not only prevent costly break-ins and theft, they can free up staff from dealing with the burden of managing security. 
  • Use your smartphone security apps: Taking advantage of the security apps that come with your security system can save you time. Make sure you and your staff understand how the apps work so you can quickly access and manage tools such as security cameras, door access, and video archives. 

Maximizing your security budget isn’t one-size-fits-all. For some organizations simply installing outdoor floodlights may solve a major issue; for others it may be worth hiring a patrol guard at night. With a diverse range of security technology and expert services, Bay Alarm can help businesses find the exact solution that fits their budget.  

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