Security Agent Services: Everything You Need to Know

What are security agent services?

Security agent services (SAS) are live security agents who work on a site to ensure its safety. Security agent services can include standing guards specially trained to keep your staff and customers safe; guard patrols agents, who regularly patrol a site, monitoring property and keeping watch for suspicious activity; and agent response guards, who respond to a triggered alarm or security incident. Security agents are private citizens employed by a private security firm or a business. 

What security agent services are not

Security agent services are not law enforcement agents; they are employees of a private business or security firm. Security agent services are always live humans that do their job in person, as opposed to monitoring agents who work from a remote site. While they may monitor video feeds, their primary purpose is to stand guard, patrol, or monitor a site in person, not review video footage at an offsite location. 

What are the main types of security agent services?

While all security agent services feature live, on-site security professionals, there are different types of security agent services. Below are the three primary functions of security agent services. 

Guard patrol

With guard patrol services, trained security specialists patrol a designated area of your property. Guard patrol agents know the ins and outs of your property, will understand any vulnerabilities of your site, and will work to ensure it is free of trespassers and would-be thieves at all times. In addition to keeping watch over your property, guard patrol agents are a visible and active crime deterrent.  

Agent response

With agent response service, a trained security professional responds to every triggered alarm on your property. This is a critical function that not only ensures the safety and security of your property but also conserves valuable community resources: if a live on-site agent can verify an alarm is false before law enforcement shows up, they can free up police or fire personnel to focus on emergencies while preventing the businesses from paying a false alarm fine.  

Standing guard

With this service, trained security agents keep your property, staff, and visitors safe work while being on-site during set hours. Standing guard agents get to know your team and frequent visitors, and they can identify suspicious activity, anticipate crimes, and assist in the event of an emergency. 

What are some features of security agent services?

Security agent services are a valuable tool in any business’s security strategy. While advanced technology plays an increasingly large role in keeping commercial security sites safe, there are still some essential functions only humans can complete.  

Visible on-site security presence

A live security agent can be a powerful deterrent to would-be trespassers and criminals. When trespassers know that a live security agent is on a propertyand see them on patrol or while standing guardthey’re less likely to take risks knowing they could be apprehended quickly.   

Identify suspicious behavior 

Security agents who work on your site can spot and flag suspicious behavior. They will get to know your property, employees, and the patterns of your business well, making them ideally suited to identify suspicious behavior and take action when necessary. 

Monitoring access and screening visitors

Live security agents can screen staff and visitors, monitor site access, and track who is on a property at any time. Over time, they will get to know your team and vendors, ensuring only verified parties with credentials enter your premises. 

Respond to a security incident  

When an alarm is triggered, an on-site security agent can quickly survey the situation, confirm a threat, and respond immediately. This can include calling local law enforcement and assisting by providing valuable information to the authorities. 

Collaborate with the authorities 

If your site experiences a security event, like a triggered alarm, confirmed trespasser, or theft incident, security agents will work closely with local authorities to ensure trespassers are apprehended and your site is safe. Live security agents can advocate for you and your business while collaborating with the authorities to keep your people and property safe. 

What are the benefits of security agent services?

Security agent services can provide undeniable benefits to almost any business. There are several situations where it’s better to have a live human than outsource to technology. 

Proactive crime deterrence

Sometimes the presence of a live security agent on a site is enough to scare off would-be criminals and trespassers. While security cameras and technology continue to improve, many are invisible to intruders. A visible security agent is a powerful visual reminder to thieves and trespassers that your company takes security seriously, and that there are immediate risks to moving forward with a crime on your site.  

Helps staff and visitors feel safe

A live security agent can help staff and visitors feel safe and secure while on your property. When employees, vendors, and customers know someone’s on site to screen visitors, stand guard, or quickly respond to an event, they’re more likely to perform their duties with comfort and ease. 

Fast response

On-site security agents are in a position to respond to a security event or a triggered alarm quickly. Unlike local law enforcement agents, their entire job is ensuring the security of your site. Security agents also understand the layout of your property well and will be in the best position to verify a threat, scare away intruders, and call the authorities if needed.  

Alarm verification

When an alarm is triggered, a trained on-site security agent can determine whether it’s a false alarm or a legitimate threat. This is essential because false alarms can cost businesses hundreds of dollars while diverting valuable community resources. 

Peace of mind

Managing and running a business is stressful enough without worrying about security and false alarms. Having a dedicated resource to stand guard, respond to alarms, or patrol at regular intervals means you sleep through the night and spend more time running your business. 

Who are security agent services an ideal solution for?

Though almost all businesses can benefit from employing an on-site security agent, certain types of businesses are better suited for the service. They include:

Businesses in areas with high incidents of vandalism, trespassing, and theft

In areas where vandalism, trespassing, and theft are especially prevalent, an on-site security agent can be an ideal solution to keep your staff and inventory safe. A visible security presence is a strong deterrent to would-be intruders—in addition to visible cameras and signage. Plus, on-site agents in high-crime areas are likely to know the latest crime trends in your area and can help spot potential vulnerabilities for your business. 

Retail businesses

Retail businesses with a lot of inventory on their shelves may benefit from a live security agent on site. A trained security specialist can act as a visual deterrent for would-be thieves and can work with your staff to identify suspicious activity or potential vulnerabilities. With a security agent on site, retail staff can focus more on their primary functions, like sales, stocking shelves, or ordering supplies, without worrying about loss prevention. 

Grocery stores

Grocery stores are prime targets for theft, with hundreds of people coming and going throughout the day and thousands of products (of all sizes) within easy reach. On-site security agents can patrol a grocery store to remind would-be criminals of their presence, monitor suspicious activity, and work with local law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of customers and staff during a security event.    

Companies with a lot of outdoor equipment

Outdoor equipment and large lots need more than just video surveillance. Large spaces and outdoor lots provide trespassers with numerous places to hide and present lots of spots out of sight of security cameras. A security agent service is especially beneficial to these types of businesses, and security agents can regularly patrol to watch your property and equipment.  

Construction sites

Construction sites are especially vulnerable to trespassing. They’re often poorly lit and are constantly changing—an impossible combination for video surveillance. A security agent is an ideal solution for keeping a construction site secure, as live agents can stand guard at an entrance or patrol regularly to ensure the site is safe and free of trespassers. 


Schools are complex security environments, and a live, on-site security agent can help ensure that only crucial staff, students, and verified visitors have access to a property. Many schools trust live agents to stand guard at entrances or patrol throughout the day, keeping watch over classrooms and ensuring a safe environment for students and staff. 

Healthcare settings

Security agents can work to ensure that only verified personnel and visitors can access a healthcare facility. They can screen visitors, patrol a property, or stand guard to ensure the safety of staff and patients at all times. 

Businesses with high-value inventory

For businesses with high-value inventory, security agent services are an essential tool in securing your products. Security agents serve as a powerful deterrent to would-be criminals, can quickly respond to an event, and will know the ins and outs of your business to spot vulnerabilities and suspicious behavior.  

Businesses with custom security needs

Want someone to patrol your parking lot or walk shoppers to their cars? Someone to stop by and double-check that everything is locked up correctly? Security guards can help with more than just responding to an alarm, standing at your door, or driving by your business at night. Reach out to your security vendor to discuss options and how they assist similar businesses. 


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