Why Optimizing Your Business Security System Can Save You Money

The best runners in the world aren’t simply fast; they’re efficient. The most popular cars don’t overwhelm with size and power; they maximize space and gas mileage. The same is true in business, where success depends not only on a great product but an operation that’s streamlined and coherent. 

We spoke to Derek Holmberg, Bay Alarm’s vice president of enterprise sales, about how optimizing your security approach can save you time, money, and headaches when running your business. 

Efficiency through data

A modern security system helps with efficiency by doing one thing above all others: it gathers data. 

With AI-enhanced cameras, sensors, reporting capabilities, and other advanced tech, your security system can constantly collect information about every aspect of your business. More data points give you a clearer picture of what’s working, what’s not working, and where small changes can lead to better productivity.

Derek Holmberg says, “With our burglar alarms, you can get an open and close report. This report sends you data on when your employees are opening and closing your business. If they are opening late, you are losing sales and possible customers. A camera system allows you to look in live at your place of business. You can see if there are lights on that should be off, or employees are sitting around when they should be working. There are also devices you can add to your burglar alarms that can show high areas of foot traffic so you know where to showcase your most profitable items.”

Enhanced security leads to enhanced insights

The more advanced the security system, the more detailed and dynamic the data it collects. 

As Holmberg puts it, “Security is meant for a specific purpose: preventing physical threats to your business. No one system can do everything, but as you upgrade your system, you can protect more, and in some cases, learn more about your workforce and location.” 

He goes on to describe the scaffolding of security technology and data. “For instance, a burglar alarm system can tell you if a door has been opened…but it can’t tell you who opened the door. A camera system can record who opened the door…but you’ll only find out after the fact because it just records the incident. A live video monitoring system will tell you when that door was opened, send a video of that person to you and your security company as it happens, and allow you to speak to the intruder through your smart device.”

Looking for inefficiencies 

To improve overall efficiency, you can start by looking at your business security. What are some clear signs your security operation isn’t as efficient as it could be? 

Says Holmberg, “There are a few inefficiencies that are easy to identify. In today’s world, you need to have systems that provide you with data, no matter where you are. A system you can only access in person isn’t doing you any good. You need the ability to log in from any smart device and work on your system or view your cameras or you’re wasting time and money.”

Holmberg continues, “If your system only records and doesn’t send you a status on the health of your cameras and recording devices, it’s worthless. A system that also doesn’t alert you to visitors who are not welcome should be considered inferior as well. The ability to get real-time video and alert both you and your security company when your business is facing a threat is what is changing the industry.”

These changes are coming fast and furious, reflecting a new era in how security technology can be used to collect data and maximize performance. 

Looking to the future

What else is on the horizon? A lot. 

According to Holmberg, “Systems are becoming more involved beyond their original design. In the future, our systems will be connected to your lights, HVAC units, and other software platforms your business uses. These systems will allow companies to more efficiently put costly items to ‘sleep’ when the business is closed.”

And while some of those capabilities are still in development, others, as Holmberg explains, are here and making a tangible difference for businesses right now. “Better reporting, real-time data, quicker response from police, and the peace of mind that you will know the moment your system is not functioning properly.”

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