How Does a Business Burglar Alarm System Work?

How Does a Business Burglar Alarm System Work?

Having a basic knowledge of burglar alarm systems will help you decide what kind of system is best for your business. With Bay Alarm’s alarm system, technology is only half the story—the other half is security experts who design, install, and monitor your system. 

Let’s start with the technology. 

The control panel is the brains of the alarm system. It monitors the status of each device connected to it. And it includes a tamper switch, so if anyone tampers with the panel we’ll get an alert. 

Now let’s talk about first contacts, which are connected to doors and windows. When your alarm is on, opening the door or window releases a magnetic switch which triggers the alarm. Motion detectors are good for big spaces. These passive infrared systems trigger the alarm when they detect the slightest change in ambient temperature. If you have lots of windows, we might recommend a glass break detector. It’s mounted in the ceiling and is great at detecting the sound and vibration of broken glass.

If you need to sound the alarm, simply press the panic button attached to your keychain or keypad. Other situations call for a silent alarm, which is what the button on the other keychain does. It alerts police without making a sound. 

Now to the other half of your system. 

Bay Alarm’s highly trained agents at our central monitoring station monitor your system 24/7. If any of those devices trip the alarm, they know about it instantly—down to which door or window was tripped. If you have BayGuard Video Verification, our agents can see what’s happening in real time and dispatch police or fire within seconds if there is a crime in progress. 

Technology backed up by the most trusted security experts in the industry. It adds up to the most solid defense your business can have against thieves! Call us for a free on-site review and we’ll tell you more about how Bay Alarm will help keep intruders away.  

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