How to Check Your DMP Security System History on

The history page on allows you to view the most recent events on your system. To get started, head to your account on!

Once you connect to your system, you’ll see the ‘System Overview’ page. On the side menu, click on ‘History.’ On this page, you’ll see all of the history for your system. Simply scroll down to find your events on a given date. You can also search in the search field at the top to find a specific date or individual’s action.

As an example, we’ll type in Matt in the search bar. We’ll see that we’ve been filtered down to just Matt’s events!

If you need to get a little further back in history, you can use the navigation on the left to view more dates. Simply click on a date and you’ll jump right down to that section.

And that’s how to use the history page on!

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