Is It Time to Update Your Business Security System? Here’s How to Tell

With the rapid pace of technology, business security systems can become outdated faster than ever. Seeing upgrades in security technology can be an enticing proposition for a business, but it can also mean a major investment on a system that still works.

Knowing when a system requires an update means understanding your business’s needs, the changing nature of your environment, and the limitations of your current system. These considerations can help you assess where your system stands—and help determine if it’s time for an update.

Your current system is unreliable

Even outdated security systems can perform basic functions. Cameras that are five or even 10 years old, if placed and maintained properly, can give security professionals the footage they need to successfully monitor their property and assets.

But sometimes reliability can become an issue. Older cameras may be hardwired into a building’s power without a backup battery, which can mean they’re disabled in a power outage. Or older cameras may only offer low resolution or basic black and white video that doesn’t provide any distinguishing features of a burglar or trespasser.

Similarly, if a system connects to the internet but operates over a landline or early generation wireless technology, it may prove unreliable in transmitting that vital footage to monitoring teams. 

There is nothing worse than a property crime happening at your business and your security system doesn’t offer the reliability needed to give authorities the answers they need. If you sense that your security system may be falling short, that could be a red flag that it’s time to upgrade.

Your current system lacks the modern features your team needs

While reliability is a major factor in assessing if your business security system needs an upgrade, convenience is equally as important.

Advances in security camera technology have meant a revolution in wireless and remote viewing technology. Older systems may digitally record hours of footage that needs to be pored over in the event of an incident, and can only be accessed by on-site security teams.

Monitoring streams from security cameras at disparate locations from one centralized monitoring center can be a game changer in how you approach security—particularly for a business owner with multiple sites. Not only can you save money by remotely monitoring multiple sites from one location, but you’ll have easy access to all your footage in the cloud if an incident happens.

If you feel like your team is spending too many hours on manual monitoring tasks, updating your security system to one that features remote viewing and cloud storage could save your business time and money.

Your location is less secure

Technology is always changing, but so are neighborhoods. A business that invested in a security system five or 10 years ago may have had sufficient coverage for the times. But if crime rates are rising in your area, it may be time to explore updating your security system to get ahead of any threats. Likewise, it’s important to listen to employees. If they express feeling unsafe at work, that could be a sign that it’s time to invest in a security upgrade.

There also may have been an inciting incident like a break-in or trespassing that serves as a wake-up call. When you’re affected by property crime, updating your security system can offer added reassurance that you’re doing all you can to prevent another incident.

Regulations have changed

As a business owner, there are a host of rules and regulations that come with property management. Updates to local fire codes or compliance issues can signal the imperative to update an older security system.

There may also be added incentives like insurance premium discounts for specific security upgrades. Savvy business owners may be able to save money in the long run by tracking these special offers and updating their security systems accordingly.

It’s been years since you’ve assessed your security

There is no one true reason to update a security system. Many outside factors can influence your decision, but the important thing is that you’re constantly evaluating your needs. Most organizations review their security systems every few years to make sure they’re operating optimally while keeping up with the pace of advancements in technology.

Also remember that a system doesn’t need to be fully replaced every few years. Based on your needs or points of vulnerability, you can update individual cameras or install an upgraded alarm system. Security systems are an iterative process that you can tailor to meet your unique needs.

Speaking to an expert, like the team at Bay Alarm, can help you and your team know for sure if it’s time to update your business security system.

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