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How AI-Powered Video Monitoring Works to Deter Crimes Before They Occur

For businesses concerned about deterring theft, vandalism, and other costly threats to their property and inventory, investing in a video monitoring system with artificial intelligence may be the ideal solution.

According to FBI statistics, crimes against property constituted an alarming 60.5% of total reported crimes in 2020. And despite certain crime metrics falling in recent months, robberies have been on a 13% uptick. Business owners across a wide range of industries and property types, from warehouses and construction sites to rental properties and shipping facilities, are doing all they can to protect themselves.

AI-powered video monitoring—particularly the innovative live video monitoring solution from Bay Alarm—provides the best of both worlds: a synergy of AI-enabled smart cameras and professional security specialists that work to deter property crime before it occurs.

Next-gen video monitoring with first-class service

Artificial intelligence has been a buzzword across countless industries. And we’re only beginning to realize its true potential in our daily lives. AI has a particularly unique application in video monitoring and business security solutions.

While the technology behind AI-powered video monitoring is complex, in practice it’s intuitive enough for business owners to understand without any special training.

Live video monitoring works like this:

  • Cloud-connected security cameras use smart analytics to identify objects in motion when they enter the camera’s field of vision. These triggers can be anything from falling objects, to fires, to trespassers.
  • The cameras trigger a speaker to deploy an automated warning message while also alerting the live video monitoring teams to the potential threat.
  • These monitoring agents assess the threat and make a decision to either dispatch emergency personnel or not. They can also intervene directly through a speaker to send another warning to the intruder.

By understanding the nature of the person or thing causing the motion, agents are able to dispatch appropriate response teams or disregard the action as a false alarm.

AI-powered video monitoring gives business owners the assurance of knowing that not only is cutting-edge technology keeping an eye on their property and inventory, but a dedicated team of professionals is also there to validate threats and act instantly.

How AI-powered video monitoring can deter crime

Traditional video monitoring is a valuable tool in property security, but its major flaw is that it is largely reactive or historical. Business owners can work in concert with law enforcement and provide a video record of a crime, but there is rarely a mechanism in the monitoring system itself to deter crime as it’s happening.

With live video monitoring, agents are able to react to potential threats as they are happening. When a threat is detected by the AI cameras, the monitoring team is able to intervene and alert an intruder that they are being recorded and that law enforcement has been dispatched.

See the alert system in action

This crime deterrent system distinguishes itself from traditional video monitoring systems and empowers business owners to act in those critical moments to prevent a crime from occurring. And because there is a wide range of cameras available for different environments, properties are covered inside and out.

Making AI-powered video monitoring accessible

Modern security and video monitoring systems can be a major investment for businesses. Oftentimes they require a complete overhaul of on-premises security cameras in addition to IT and internal support teams.

With Bay Alarm, business owners get a team of trusted professionals to design, install, and service their security system. With a simple monthly monitoring fee business owners are able to experience crime-deterring AI-powered video monitoring and get the assurance they need in knowing their property is protected.


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