7 Safety Risks You Could Be Ignoring

Has a speeding car in the next lane ever distracted you from seeing a pothole until it’s too late? Have you ever been so preoccupied with handling a sharp knife that you accidentally grab a scalding hot pan? 

It’s easy to overlook certain risks when other, more obvious ones divert your attention. Business owners face formidable challenges such as cybersecurity threats, unpredictable market trends, and infrastructure maintenance, so it’s understandable when a company makes those concerns a priority. Still, it’s worth watching out for the less glaring workplace risks. 

Let’s review some potentially dangerous security and safety risks your business may face but might not be thinking about.


Shocking news: bad air is not great for your health! And yet some businesses expose their employees to poor indoor air quality, which can have negative health effects, including respiratory illness, fatigue, and headaches. Companies located in areas with considerable construction dust, traffic exhaust, or chemical fumes should be especially attuned to the air quality inside their work space. 


You flip a switch, the lights go on, end of story. Right? Not so fast. Bad lighting can have a bigger impact than you think. Too much bright light can be an issue: it can create glare in a room and give people headaches. Similarly, a dimly lit room creates other problems: constant straining to see is unhealthy and physical hazards are more likely to be a problem. Either way, lighting that is too bright or too dim can impact eyesight, mood, and productivity. 

Poor housekeeping

No, this isn’t directed at hotels and their cleaning staff, but instead all the tasks that separate a clean office from a messy one. The liquid spilled on the break room floor, the wobbly stack of boxes piled too high in the storage closet, the junk that’s blocking the emergency exit. All are examples of bad housekeeping, and they are potentially dangerous. Avoid unnecessary falls and accidents by simply stepping up your housekeeping game.

Working from heights

The higher up you are, the farther you can fall. That is true for celebrities and also for anyone who spends time working any distance off the ground. Being on scaffolding and ladders is super dangerous, especially if the person doing it isn’t experienced or highly trained. If there are storage closets or equipment areas in your office that require staff to climb a ladder to access, make sure they have support and training before doing so. 

Electrical hazards

We all have the friend who has the overloaded extension cord dangling precariously from the shoddy-looking outlet in the kitchen. Don’t be the office space version of that. Old, frayed cables and overtaxed power outlets aren’t safe and can lead to electrical fires. Don’t be the friend whose house is about to catch fire: replace worn-out equipment and install new, adequate fixtures and outlets. 

Ergonomic issues

It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true: too much sitting is bad for your health. What’s more, most people who spend a lot of time sitting don’t have great posture, which can cause all types of health complications. Healthy employees are good for business. Give employees the choice of a standing desk, and make sure the chairs they are using are ergonomically sound. 

Biological hazards

Mold, germs, and bacteria can be hard to confront. Mold can lurk in walls or underneath surfaces, and germs and bacteria aren’t exactly visible to the human eye. Regardless, they pose serious health risks when not dealt with properly. Areas that aren’t sanitary can spread sickness and disease and can cause long-term health problems for anyone exposed. 

Build the safest work environment possible by dealing with the obvious risks, and the less obvious ones as well. If you need assistance implementing a security plan that fits your business needs, Bay Alarm has the tools and experience to help. 

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