Live Video Monitoring: What It Is and How it Works

Live video monitoring is a next-generation security service that combines new technologies in threat detection (way beyond just video) with live monitoring from trained security professionals. Here are the key elements that make up a business security system built on live video monitoring:

AI-enhanced cameras are pivotal in distinguishing between real threats and benign movements like trash blowing by. These smart cameras reduce false alarms and ensure security personnel focus on genuine risks, making live video monitoring more effective.

An illustration of live video monitoring by a security professional

Live video monitoring integrates advanced surveillance technology with the expertise of security professionals. The system instantly notifies these trained specialists when potential threats are detected, allowing them to take immediate action remotely. This combination of technology and human oversight forms a robust defense against security breaches.

A critical component of live video monitoring is cloud-based storage, where all security footage or critical moments triggered by alarms are saved securely online. This setup allows for efficient data management and quick access to security reviews or legal evidence if necessary.

Integrating mobile and web platforms enhances live video monitoring, empowering business owners to monitor their premises in real time. This access extends to managing alarm settings and reviewing live or recorded footage, ensuring full control from any location. These security management platforms allow business owners and property managers to direct multi-site properties more efficiently.

On-premises speakers play a crucial role in live video monitoring systems by issuing immediate warning when a potential threat is detected through loudspeakers. This proactive measure can deter intruders, signaling that the premises are monitored and protected. These are handy devices for outdoor operations that have exposed sensitive assets.

Virtual fences enhance live video monitoring by defining specific zones of interest for camera surveillance. This technology directs focus to sensitive or critical areas, improving the effectiveness of threat detection and response and limiting false alarms.

Live video monitoring represents the forefront of security technology, combining real-time video feeds, cloud technology, and advanced analytics to protect businesses. For more details on implementing live video monitoring in your security strategy, read our Ultimate Guide to Live Video Monitoring or contact us for a free consultation and risk assessment.

Read The Ultimate Guide to Live Video Morning or Contact Us for a free quote or risk assessment.


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