Live Video Monitoring: What It Is and How it Works

What it is: Monitored video security powered by artificial intelligence

Live video monitoring is a next-generation security service that combines new technologies in threat detection with live monitoring from trained security professionals. This short video breaks down the system into its different components to help you understand how it works: 

The technology behind AI-powered video monitoring is advanced, but it’s intuitive enough for business owners to use without any special training to better protect their customers and teams.  

How live video monitoring proactively handles would-be criminals

As we mentioned in our recent research, Live Video Monitoring from Bay Alarm deters 98% of security incidents before they even occur. How is that even possible?

This short video explains how the system operates to detect unusual behavior without triggering false alarms, deters criminals, and provides the fastest conduit possible to live intervention or (when rarely needed) direct contact with the authorities.

With live video monitoring, business owners can rest easy knowing that cutting-edge technology and dedicated security professionals are keeping an eye on their property and inventory.

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