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Why Quality Matters in Business Security Systems

Robbery, theft, and arson cost US businesses over $17.2 billion in losses in 2021. As a business owner or leader, you likely understand the rapidly escalating need for improved security to help your operations, employees, and customers.

Cost should be a consideration when evaluating your business security services vendors. But it also pays to understand the true cost of your business security system and the role that quality can play.

Cut the wrong corners, and you could be more likely to experience costly break-ins, fires, vandalism, and other security failures. With so many different services, vendors, and types of technology on the market, it can be hard to determine what “quality” looks like. 

The impact of quality on business security

Many business owners and managers come to Bay Alarm for a consultation when they’ve already had a major security incident. Often, they have an existing security system in place, and it has not helped deter a fire, a break-in, or worse. Why? Quality control.

The most common quality issues include:

Outdated equipment being installed or not replaced

  • Old, faulty equipment that doesn’t work or does not communicate properly with other components of the security system. We don’t recommend delaying upgrades on outdated equipment.

Improper maintenance

  • Regular maintenance prevents easily fixable communications errors and allows for updates that might prevent known security gaps in older equipment. It is also the most effective deterrent against disruptive and disturbing false alarms.

Video issues

  • Common video security problems include outdated or low-quality cameras and camera obstructions that prevent clear viewing and threat identification.

Lost data or recordings

  • Power failures, network communications issues, or outdated equipment can mean that valuable footage of major incidents may not be stored or recorded at all.

It may be less expensive up front to go with a lower-cost, lower-quality provider or forego regular upgrades and maintenance. But the long-term costs of major security incidents on your business and reputation will likely far exceed your cost savings. 

In addition to the immediate cost, insuring your business is likely to become dramatically more expensive. In some cases, it may make it difficult to get commercial insurance at all.

What to look for with business security services providers

Luckily, there are several good options for business security system providers; companies that can provide the highest quality available services and technology while also being mindful of value.

Here’s what you should be looking for:

A business security specialist

  • We recommend that you work with vendors who specialize in providing comprehensive, quality business security services—preferably for businesses of your size (and ideally within your actual industry). This stuff can get complicated quickly, and it should be their responsibility to help make things crystal clear while delivering security and peace of mind.

High-quality hardware

  • Make sure your business security services vendor works with the leading hardware suppliers on the market. The people who install your system and monitor your alarms are not the same folks who made your cameras or keypad. But they should have the most up to date offerings, including powerful new threat detection technology like AI-assisted video monitoring and remote access control you can access on your phone.

Installation and regular maintenance services

  • A modern business security services provider should be able to install, test, and maintain your alarm system with minimum disruption, making it easy to understand and even easier to be sure that everything works—and stays working when it matters.

Deep knowledge on meeting local codes

  • Your legal security obligations as a business owner and operator vary from city to city and state to state. Your security services provider should be a trusted resource guiding you through the process of staying compliant and avoiding potentially costly violations.

Localized 24/7 monitoring resources

  • Most crimes against businesses occur outside of normal business hours. With a 24/7 video monitoring resource (or better yet an AI-assisted video monitoring resource), you are more likely to deter crimes before they occur. Vendors that have locally based monitoring centers staffed with employees from the community can help speed up threat response and deterrence.

Long-standing reputation

  • When choosing a business security services provider to partner with, it goes without saying that you should choose a vendor with years of experience and a strong reputation in your local area. You want to make sure that your provider has proven their worth as a security company and will stick around to protect your business for years to come.

In order to get the best value and lowest overall total cost for security for your business, focus on quality. 

By working with the right partner, you’ll reduce costs from security incidents and liability claims, all while reducing your anxiety and helping your business thrive.

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