5 Tips When Upgrading Your Business’s Burglar Alarm System

Time to update your burglar alarm system, but you’re unsure where to start? 

We don’t blame you. Between fast-evolving security technology, a rise in theft and vandalism, and an unpredictable economy, choosing a burglar alarm system can feel overwhelming.  

That’s true whether you’re protecting a multi-site business, a car lot, a warehouse, a school, or a retail storefront. 

And these days, a truly effective burglar alarm needs to be more than just a keypad connected to door and window contacts.

Here are five tips to consider when upgrading your system. 

Add professional monitoring 

If you currently have a DIY system, professional monitoring adds a layer of protection and service that is permanently active. This lets you and your employees focus on the work that matters, knowing security experts are there 24/7. 

When they have access to on-site security cameras, monitoring experts can help:

  • Verify threats: When a sensor or alarm is triggered, a professional monitor can quickly assess the situation and determine whether additional support is needed.
  • Decrease false alarms: False alarms are a nuisance, particularly if they occur regularly. A monitoring agent will reduce false alarms by identifying accidental alarms and preventing needless evacuations.  
  • Dispatch law enforcement support: In the case of an actual security event, a monitor can send local law enforcement to the scene. 

Add video cameras

Adding cameras to your existing or upgraded burglar alarm is the #1 way to get more out of your security system. In addition to being a visual deterrent, security cameras give you access to footage of your property and mean that monitoring agents can visually confirm threats—which many police departments now require before dispatching officers. 

These days, advanced security cameras come with:  

  • AI-enhanced analytics: Can help distinguish between threats and non-threats and identify possible trespassers before they commit a crime.  
  • A virtual/invisible fence: Programmed into the system, this fence protects large and vulnerable outdoor areas with a virtual perimeter that alerts when crossed. 
  • Automated loudspeakers: Deter would-be criminals with a pre-recorded message notifying them they have been spotted and are being watched.
  • Cloud-based storage: So you can store as much footage as your business wants or needs for compliance purposes, insurance claims, etc.  

Make sure you have access to your app

Managing your burglar alarm system should be a simple process that can happen anywhere. Modern systems should have an online platform that makes remote access and control the norm.  

Having a user-friendly app lets you: 

  • Manage from anywhere: Keep tabs on the property and monitor any activity from your smartphone or laptop, no matter where you are.
  • Access information fast: Pull inspection reports and test results within minutes. 
  • Easily update security settings: Adjust security settings and keep your emergency contact list up-to-date without sitting on hold or filling out a stack of forms. 

Keep one point of contact for all your security services

Hiring separate vendors for burglar, fire, access control, and security agent services can take a toll. Suddenly, you realize you’re spending hours each week dealing with vendors, coordinating their schedules, arranging payments, etc. That’s time you don’t have. 

A single point of contact cuts out unnecessary fuss. It helps you manage your actual business, instead of a carousel of vendors, by providing:

  • Simplified communication: A single security partner means one line of communication, which comes in handy when you need service or support and you need it fast. 
  • Cost certainty: Relying on dozens of vendors can put you at the mercy of a fluctuating economy, making financial planning more difficult. With one point of contact, you know your next 12 months of security spend, and you can plan accordingly.
  • Compliance support: Avoid headaches (and fines!) by having a single security partner handle the annual service, tests, and inspections required to stay fire and safety-compliant. 

Talk with your security partner about customization 

Every business environment has unique security demands. A burglar alarm system should fit your needs, not vice versa. 

Working with a partner to customize your system ensures:

  • You get the most out of the system. Maybe you need custom reports to help run your business, or perhaps you need to buy extra storage because of a specific law that applies to your industry. Your system can help you do more than just protect your inventory. 
  • You prioritize what matters most: Does your business depend on protecting a specific area? Then you should ensure that the area is well-guarded, and any response protocol involving that area is a top priority that requires instant attention. 
  • Protection that will grow stronger: As you design and operate your system, your partner can make suggestions and tweaks based on your needs and their expertise. You will be better protected as this security relationship evolves. 


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