Doorbell Camera

Adding an HD wireless video doorbell camera to your home security system means
you never have to guess who’s at your door.

Adding an HD wireless video doorbell camera to your home security system means
you never have to guess who’s at your door.

Wireless Camera Doorbell

Add control, convenience, and an extra measure of protection to your professionally monitored Bay Alarm home security system with a video doorbell. Day or night, our wi fi doorbell camera sends live video to your smartphone, letting you see, hear, and speak to whoever’s at your door. With remote monitoring and cloud recording features, you can view a visitor event any time, from anywhere.

A Smart Doorbell that Helps Prevent Break-Ins

Burglars often ring your doorbell to find out if you’re home or away. With a wireless video doorbell as part of your Bay Alarm home security system, you’ll have end-to-end protection against break-ins, and an extra measure of confidence that your home and family are safe.

Add Convenience to Your Home Security

Aside from stepping up your home security, a doorbell camera makes your life easier to manage. No need to interrupt a family meal to answer the doorbell. No more missing a delivery just because you’re not home. Unwanted solicitors at your doorstep? With a smart video doorbell camera, you can see them on your smartphone and let them know you’re not interested. And when a visitor shows up, get alerts you—even if the doorbell isn’t pressed.

Making a Smart Security System Smarter

Everyone in the family benefits when you make a doorbell camera part of a comprehensive Bay Alarm home security system. Keep an infant sleeping with the doorbell turn-off feature. Seniors or special-needs individuals can answer the door without getting up. And if you’re at work, your kids can say hi when they get home from school. With a smart video doorbell added to our industry-leading technology, expert alarm monitoring agents, and local customer service, you’re getting the best protection available—and a smarter, safer way to live your life.

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What are the benefits of having a monitored burglar/fire system at your home?

Our Monitoring Center is staffed with industry-leading, highly-trained professionals who can dispatch the proper authorities with efficiency and urgency. We are also UL-listed and Five Diamond Certified. We can even help identify and prevent false alarms, saving you the trouble of irritated neighbors and false alarm fees.
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Why can't I buy a home alarm system over the phone or online?

Home security systems shouldn’t be one size fits all. That’s why we insist on sending one of our security experts to your property instead of just showing up to install. This way you end up with a customized security system that suits you and your property’s needs.
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Can I arm and disarm my residential security system from my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can! We offer a service called Bay Alarm Link™ that connects a free app for your smartphone.
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