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Doorbell Camera Safety Considerations: Can Video Doorbells Be Hacked?

As doorbell cameras become more pervasive, there are also an increasing number of cases in which video doorbells are being hacked into. Information is being stolen or sent overseas, fake alarms are going off, threatening and frightening homeowners, and people are being watched and recorded through the doorbell camera itself.

With the increase in home technology, and the not so new development of “The Smart Home,” hackers are getting smarter, and can more easily identify who is a target for data theft. So much so, that with a quick online search, you can learn how to hack into someone’s Wi-Fi yourself.

“The biggest threat that comes with a video doorbell is stolen data.”

In 2017, stolen audio data from one doorbell company was being sent overseas by “accident.” In 2016, a vulnerability was found. The device’s set-up button created a Wi-Fi access point. If someone tampered with the device and removed it from the mounting bracket, this could be easily accessed. In 2015, cameras, and baby monitors were being hacked into.

Although audio data was only being in sent in small increments at a time, there was a very large flaw in the firmware of the device as a whole. The company, Ring Video Doorbell, is under the umbrella of Amazon, which is not a security company.

Change Default Passwords for Best Home Security

When you set up any sort of smart device in your home, you are connecting it to other smart devices – all through your home’s wireless network. If your network is not secured, neither are your devices. The very first thing to do when securing your network is to secure your router. The router comes with a default password and you should change that password right after setting it up.

The next set of passwords you should change are the passwords to your smart devices. All of the devices come with a default password. And if installed by the security experts at Bay Alarm, you will be advised to change the default password. By changing your password to your smart devices from the default password, you decrease the risk of stolen data, and much more. You can also reduce the risk of stolen data and smart device hacking by getting your smart home set up and installed by experts in home security.

Improve Your Home Security

Several different security protocols were developed to protect your home’s wireless network. These protocols protect against unwanted guests from connecting to your network, as well as encrypt your private data as it is being transmitted. With Bay Alarm, your data is always safe. Bay Alarm is not a data company and peace of mind and security is our number one priority.

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