Learn How Commercial Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Systems Work

Learn How Commercial Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Systems Work

Your fire alarm and sprinkler systems must satisfy all federal, state, and local regulations. If it doesn’t, your business can be fined, shut down, or prevented from opening its doors. And your insurance company can even refuse to pay on your loss. 

How do you make sure you are in compliance? 

Hiring a company to install a fire alarm system isn’t enough—when you hire Bay Alarm, we handle everything so there is no guesswork! 

Starting with designing and submitting your fireshop drawings, to installations, 24/7 monitoring, and ongoing inspections and maintenance, we offer all the services you need. Our fire protection is unmatched because we have been protecting properties for over 70 years, and that translates to critical advantages for our customers. 

For example, we use cellular communications instead of landlines. Cellular is less expensive and more reliable. And where competitors still use handwritten inspection reports, Bay Alarm agents use tables equipped with our own fire inspection software. Agents are required to verify each device with our central station before moving on to the next, so you can trust that our test is 100% accurate. You can also access your inspection results at any time through your online account. 

Finally, we have more branches than any of our competitors. Usually, we are no more than one hour away. This means we can provide same-day emergency service. Our technology, backed by our UL-Listed monitoring center, and our unequaled expertise in safety codes and regulations, add up to the difference that can save lives and property. 

At Bay Alarm, we make protecting your business, our business! If you want a fire alarm system quote, contact us today.  

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